Screen Printing Vs. PolyFlex
Screen Printing:
Player names and numbers are printed on to the material using a special fabric ink.
More Durable

Player names and numbers are cut out of a plastic-type material and melted on to the fabric using a high temperature heat press.
Less Durable

Player names and numbers are printed directly into the shirts fabric during the shirt production.
Extremely Durable, but only available for sublimation printed GEAR brand shirts

Professional teams often use PolyFlex because the letters look glossy and crisp. Whereas local/youth teams often use Screen Printing as it is more durable.
If your uniforms will be used very frequently we suggest Screen Printing.
For regular/lower usage uniforms we recommend PolyFlex.

PolyFlex shirts should never be put in the drier.
PolyFlex shirts should be turned inside out before washing or ironing.

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