Logo Types
Embroidered: Logos are sewn (embroidered) on, in the same manner as on a professional soccer uniform. Durable, looks very nice, and can use as many colors as you want.
Embroidered logos are limited to a maximum of 3x3inches in size.

Screen Printed:
We decided to stop screen printed service and change to DFT which is more environmentally friendly than screen printed. This is due to its use less water and energy while decreasing the amount of hazardous wastewater that is released into nearby waterways.

Logos are cut out of a plastic-type material and melted on to the fabric using a high temperature heat press.
The logos look very nice and crisp, but are limited to a single color.
PolyFlex logos arae less durable than embroidered or DFT logos.

Direct File Transfer also known as DFT. Logos are print on a special film and transfer on to the fabric using a high temperature heat press.
DFT is ideal for logos with many colors or intricate designs, and can use an unlimited number of colors.
DFT is thinner and a soft hand feel than PolyFlex.
DFT logos are less durable than embroidered logos.

Logos are printed directly into the shirts fabric during the shirt production.
Extremely Durable, but only available for sublimation printed GEAR brand shirts

Sublimation, PolyFlex or DFT logos should never be put in the drier.
Sublimation, PolyFlex or DFT logos should be turned inside out before washing in cold water or ironing in lowest heat and do not iron directly .

More detail about how to wash your jersey Click Here

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