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Excellent customer service

The jerseys came out great. My team is very satisfied with the style and the printed names and numbers. The sizes of the jerseys were exactly as expected.

The shorts got a bit of a mixed response from my team. The quality and material is great, but the sizes are not what we expected. I normally wear USA medium-sized shorts, but the mediums I received are a little smaller than what I\'m used to. Some of my team members opted to get their own shorts instead of the ones I ordered because the shorts felt too small.

I bought the recommended socks as well, but nobody on my team liked the socks. They are made of plain cotton, very soft, and very stretchy. Not good for soccer. For soccer you need strong material that doesn\'t stretch a lot so it will not move around in the shoe and rub against the skin. We ended up getting the Nike Park IV socks to replace them. They cost almost 3x more, but it seems like that\'s what you have to pay to get the right materials, and we were willing to spend more to make sure our feet are comfortable while we play.

I have nothing but praise for the way operates. They were very helpful and professional throughout my dealings with them. I needed some shorts in sizes that were not available on the website, and they worked with me to make sure I got the sizes I needed. They communicated clearly with me and processed my order quickly and accurately. I dunno what else to say about their service... it was great.

If I purchased again, I would opt for 1 size larger on the shorts, and I wouldn\'t buy the socks, but otherwise the experience was very good!

Written by Aaron Cohn

Added on July 25, 2015