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We Accept Bitcoin Payments

You now have the option of paying for your soccer kits with Bitcoins!

Don't worry we still accept all major credit/debit cards and PayPal, but we also see a bright future for Bitcoins, a new peer-to-peer digital currency, so have added this payment method.

All items will still be priced in US Dollars, but at the checkout we will calculate and display the current Bitcoin value of your order.

Note that because the value of bitcoins fluctuates this means that the Bitcoin value of your order, that see at the checkout, will only be valid for right now; if you come back to the checkout tomorrow the Bitcoin value will be different.

How do I pay with Bitcoins?

If you are new to bitcoins the first thing you want to do is get yourself a "wallet".  A bitcoin wallet is just a program that runs on your computer to keep your bitcoins in.

We suggest you download the Electrum wallet, because this is very simple to use (Download the "Windows Installer" if you are using windows): DOWNLOAD HERE

After installing your wallet, open up Electrum on your computer, under the "Receive" tab you will see a list of letters/numbers that look something like this: 1GXohrdnWAxqxxAtabYsLZU8HPzoY7i8mv.  These are your "Addresses", you can receive bitcoins at any of these addresses and the bitcoins will go into your wallet.

Now you are ready to buy some bitcoins, we would suggest using a service such as:

  • In USA: Coinbase.  You can purchase bitcoins in the US using a bank transfer.  And have the bitcoins sent directly to your wallet address.
  • In Australia: SpendBitcoins Allows you to buy bitcoins with a number of local transfer options.
  • Rest of the world.  Bitstamp.  This is a bit more length to get your bitcoins than the above options, but can buy bitcoins with bank transfer.

Once you have some bitcoins in your wallet you can now go to the Soccer Shirts Online checkout and you will be shown our Bitcoin address.  Open up your Electrum wallet and click the "Send" tab.  Enter our bitcoin address and the amount of bitcoins that you were shown at the checkout.  Click "Send" in Electrum, then click the "Bitcoin have been sent" button on our checkout page.

Now sit back and wait for your soccer uniforms to arrive!