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Welcome to Soccer Shirts Online. Buy your uniform from our selection of Football Shirts, Soccer Shorts, and Team Socks.

You can also add Custom Names, Custom Numbers, and Embroidered Logos to your Soccer Shirts

Popular Soccer Kits

  1. G1010 Dark Blue & Red - Kids
  2. FH-A918 Black & Red
  3. EG5131 Bright Green & Black
  4. FH-A921 Black & Light Blue
  5. EG5130 Bright Green & Black

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We strive to provide our customers with good quality products, at a low price, with an emphasis on attention to detail. We pride ourselves on having a zero-tolerance policy on mistakes; if a shirt looks bad we'll throw it out and prepare a new one. We will never send sub-par products to a customer.

We always try to ensure the customer receives the items they really want, if we have questions or concerns about your order we will always contact you first to confirm your choices.

We make sure we give out reasonable and accurate time estimates for the processing times and delivery times. All orders are treated as important and we know the sooner that the package arrives on your doorstep, the better.

What our customers are saying:

I am part of a adult soccer team and we had jerseys ready to order from somewhere else but last minute found out the color we wanted was already taken by another team and the other colors they had were taken too. So in a last minute scramble came across this site. This is the only place we could find light green for a reasonable price! I expected these jerseys to be pretty cool but when I received them they were a lot better then i expected! The order came on time although it went to 3 from the store to India to Germany before it made it to the US. (We are hoping that by it being in Germany with all the great soccer stars the jerseys will be lucky) Another thing I really liked was the set up on the website to get the numbering and sizes set up. It was very user friendly unlike other websites. Also the option to get 35% off the shirt to have this stores website printed was very convenient. I always believe jerseys look better with more writing on them and to get that with 35% off is great! Overall my experience with this company was great! I am more than satisfied with my order with amazing prices and a user friendly website. Just can't wait to show them off in our games! Thanks, SPetruk


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